Dogs Sniff for Bed Bugs in Dorms

Colleges are taking precautions to keep bed bugs out of dorms. Specific schools have an exterminator with bed bug sniffing dogs going through dorms to make sure students can sleep with out getting bit.

In Wisconsin, they are using a beagle to sniff out the critters roaming around their colleges.

The dogs are being trained to sniff bed bugs by professionals and are being handed off to exterminators in NJ and other exterminators in different locations.

There has been an out break of bed bugs across the country. Bed bugs are multiplying like never before. Many schools and colleges are doing everything they can to prevent this problem.

Students are noticing that their health and well being are being cared about. Even though bed bugs do not transmit anything infectious, they do bite you when you are asleep. They also multiply fast.

Schools want students and parents’ minds at ease so they can move into a clean and sanitized environment and if there is a problem they can handle it immediately.

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