Bed Bug Infestation in Jersey City Apartments

Bed Bugs have infested two building in Jersey City. The buildings are next to each other on the West Side Avenue.

The tenants complained to the inspectors at the Jersey City Health Department that their homes were being invaded with bed bugs.

The landlord  was going to send a bedbug exterminator in NJ in a couple days, But after an eyewitness news told him how servere the problem was, he changed his mind and sent the exterminator right away.

A tenant claimed he was walking into the hallways of the building, and saw the bed bugs falling from the ceilings. He picked up a couple bed bugs and kept them as proof.

The tenant opened up a white envelope to show Eyewitness News about a twelve bed bugs she picked up off the hallway floor of her apartment building at 596 West Side Avenue.

She also had found bed bugs on her son and his blanket when she went to wake him up. She was upset that her son had to sleep with the infestation that was going on in the building. She was not letting her son sleep like that again until the landlord got the situation resolved.

Another tenant that resides in the infested Jersey City apartments, had to pick up her daughter from school because when she opened her book bag, bed bugs came crawling out of it.

A bedbug landed on a tenant’s shirt as she walked through the hallway.

One tenant had lived there for 37 years and she says she has never seen something like this.

Tenants on West Side Avenue have complained constantly about bed bugs to the building owner and the Jersey City Health Department.

Bed bug control in NJ sprayed for the nasty pests in March and April and Monday, owner Chris Cerullo hired them to spray again, saying, quote, “We have every intention of fixing it immediately.  These people are important to us and I realize it’s a major problem.”

All tenants are hoping that the extermination that was done eliminates the problem and will be able to get their daily routine done with out them worrying about the infestation.

Many tenants had to discard clothing and furniture due to the severe issue and it had effected all of them.

Jersey City has one of the toughest bed bug laws in the state.

Landlords are required to pay for the exterminator to spray for bed bugs as many times as necessary to stop the problem.

The owner is working to solve the problem, and that can’t happen soon enough for tenants.

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