Bed bug cases rise across state

With the bedbug population larger than at any point, bed bug exterminators in NJ  were busier than ever. Bed bugs were increasingly being found in many homes and bedrooms. They can now be found in cars, stores, and workplaces. Bed bug control in NJ were much needed.

Besides increased concerns, experts say most people know very little about bedbugs or infestation signs.

Americans once thought bedbugs were committed to good-night wishes. Active pesticides wiped out most U.S. bedbugs in the 1950s. But increased international travel to places like South America, Asia and Africa allowed bedbugs resistant to traditional pesticides to travel back to America.

In major cities, especially in New York, Outbreaks began to rise. This attracted media attention and scared people about what can be living in their mattresses and homes.

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